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The Chrysalis Revelations

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Regardless of one’s religious inclinations, ideological leanings, philosophical inquisitiveness, or even atheistic conclusions; our lifetime on this Earth is characterized by the subtle and deliberate pursuit of meaning. Nihilism or Agnosticism, Buddhist or Baptist, Theist or Atheist. We only arrive at these conclusions through arduous introspection as a result of our internal quest for perceived meaning.

“The Chrysalis Revelation” is a thought-provoking literary art piece that speaks to the profundity of the human experience, by evoking a sense of mysterious wonder about the architecture of existence and life after flesh. Unfortunately, modern science flippantly dismisses all notions regarding the continuity of conscious existence after the expiration of our material body as mere whimsical remnants of archaic beliefs and non-evidentiary thinking.

Of course, the scientific dogma of empirical definitiveness that has characterized the prevailing perspective of institutional sciences of the modern world would have you believe that human existence is nothing more than a cosmic coincidence that is elegantly explained away by a scientific hypothesis of happenstance. Or that the unspeakable acts of butchery and democide committed by Stalin, in contrast to the virtuous and altruistic benevolence of Sir Nicholas Winton, are equally of no consequence to our being after one’s physical body is laid to rest.

Nevertheless, science is an objective methodology of experimental investigation, applied technical prowess, and studious observation to obtain an understanding of the tangible elements of the physical world.

However, spirituality is a subjective experience centralized around the cultivation of discernment, the attainment & dispensation of wisdom, and the introspective appraisal of mental energies and abilities to derive meaning from the perpetual mystique of human existence.

Whatever method of inquiry that one uses to obtain a sense of meaning in life, rest assured that the Soul is destined to attain the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to fulfill its purpose during the lifetimes experienced on this Earth.


  • Black pinewood frame
  • Size: 48 inches X 32 Inches
  • Cotton polyester canvas with proprietary coating
  • Made from sustainably sourced materials
  • Sawtooth hanging hardware included

The Neo-Dark Age Foundation Art Collection

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