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We live in an age of information abundance as opposed to information substance. Unfortunately, the popularity of entertainment culture has overtaken the importance of critical thinking, and the furtherance of social discourse related to the nature of our existence has almost become extinct.

The formulation of understanding and the revelation of meaning are the foundations of personal growth; therefore we must promote a healthy dose of intellectual curiosity regarding our purpose in this life.

The Zeitgeist Forum is where intellectual inquiry and introspective contemplations are as deep as you can imagine. Each podcast we release is an invitation for your mind to cross the threshold of a new dimension of understanding the architecture of the reality in which we live.

Welcome to the revival of substantive ontological discourse.

Upcoming Podcasts

First podcasts will be available on February 18th, 2024


The Power of Volition and The Cultivation of Will

If the mind has no quantifiable limit, then the power of one's volition is unlimited. Your decisions are the key to shaping the reality that you experience. Each day of your life is an opportunity to make a quality decision that will positively affect the circumstances you encounter. As you begin to exercise your volition with the explicit intent to shape the environment in which you exist, you will soon realize that the achievement of actualization is simply the byproduct of the diligent cultivation of will.


Analyzing the Mansion of the Mind

Our consciousness is the gateway by which we experience the Nature of Being. The subconscious, conscious mind, and the Conscience, are the Echelons of Cognizance that comprises one's conception of "Self". Each echelon of a person's cognizance is an aspect of the "Self" and the lens by which our being perceives the nature of existence.

An Introduction to CLOAKISM

Obscurantism & The Matrix of Perception

In this world, there exists amoral methodologies of institutional obscurantism that have been designed to obscure the collective discernment of the masses. Whether it be the organized stoking of societal division, systematic usage of intellectual discreditation techniques, or the age-old practice of institutionalized secrecy; the unseen forces that shape the human condition on this planet are almost imperceivable and inconceivable. This particular episode of The Zeitgeist Forum will undoubtedly shed light on the sociopolitical sleight-of-hand known as "Cloakism", and how it has been used to maintain an artificial matrix of perception.

Suggestions for Future Podcasts

The Documentary

December 30th 2023

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