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The Neo-Dark Age Foundation Blog Post Contest!

Are you a freelance writer who is looking for an opportunity to showcase your writing skills and express your unique perspective? If the answer is a resounding "yes," then this is the platform you've been searching for!

Here at The Neo-Dark Age Foundation, we believe that the power of the written word has the ability to spark profound introspection. That's why we're searching for a freelance writer who possesses a unique perspective on philosophy, ontology, and the current trajectory of mankind’s technological development. We want to give you an opportunity to showcase your literary prowess and share your thoughts with a wider audience.

To enter the contest, simply click the button at the bottom of the page to pay your $10 entry fee, put your order number and name in the subject line, then e-mail your blog submission to: ArtistSubmissions@NeoDarkAgeFoundation.Com 

We will review all entries and select a winner based on the quality of the writing, creativity, and relevance to the theme.

The contest topics are:

  1. Lost Knowledge of Antiquity
  2. What is the Nature of Being?
  3. The Power of the Mind
  4. What is the Architecture of Reality?
  5. What is the Meaning of Life?
  6. The Emergence of Technocracy
  7. Suppressed Information of Modernity

After the announcement of the winning author, they will be offered an exclusive Freelance Writer Agreement to produce and submit 10 additional blog posts in 90 days, which gives our winner ample time to produce high-quality content and ensures that they are rewarded for their hard work. In the event that all 10 blogs are submitted before 90 days, the winner will be paid at the end of the 90-day. Once all blogs have been submitted by the winning Author, they will be paid $2,000 for their literary contribution.

Furthermore, we will also select a few runner-ups who will have the chance to be showcased in our "Featured Philosopher" section, which is a great opportunity to present your literary prowess to a wider audience. You will also have the option to include a link to any upcoming projects or works, which will help to further promote your brand.

As a veritas quaesitor, you know that words have the power to shape the way we perceive reality. We believe that this is a fantastic opportunity for any freelance writer who is looking to expand their portfolio and showcase their perspicacity.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to show the power and artistic ability of your literary skills. Submit your entry today and show us what you've got!

1st Place: Freelance Writer Agreement that pays $2,000 upon completion
2nd Place: $200 & Featured Philosopher Profile
3rd Place: $100 & Free T-shirt
We look forward to reading your entries and wish you the best of luck!
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